5 Tips to Keep You Barre-Ready This Season

The season between Thanksgiving and New Years is a time of plenty. We are bombarded with plentiful partying, cuisine, and libations. Many of us struggle with how to balance the celebratory spirit of the season with our intention to get and remain lean, strong, and healthy.

For many of us this challenge is compounded by modifications to our typical daily routine. Throw in some travel, several days away from the office or home, and we tend to regress toward the mean, which, in this country, equates to a sedentary, over-fed, over-served version of you.

We all struggle with this to some extent, so I thought I would share 5 sure-fire tips, that when followed, will keep you on-track with your barre fitness goals so the holidays don’t wreak havoc on your health.

#1: Schedule It.
It’s not enough to be well intentioned about making it to the barre for class. Schedule it in your calendar. I’m talking about scheduling specific classes at specific times over the course of the holiday. Simply plan to be there.

#2: Go Stylin’.
A barre workout is a highly visual experience. You should like what you see. So, choose your favorite, most slimming workout clothes (you know and I know that some leggings just seem to rock your backside more than others). Lay them out the night before. Don’t forget to coordinate the color of your barre socks with your outfit. Have fun with this – it’s your time to shine!

#3: Show Up.
Do not allow all the other distractions of the season to take priority.
Just. Show. Up.

#4: Skip The Excuses.
Do not make excuses about your readiness to workout (e.g., my calves are a bit sore today; I think I’ll go easy). Working out with exuberance on days when you’re least ready is what separates the truly fit from those who only pretend to be fit. You’ll be surprised how ready you actually are once you get into it.

#5: If You Measure It, You Can Manage It.
Yes, measuring your weight every day is the only way to discover if there’s more of you or less of you today when compared to yesterday. While some experts advocate using the way your clothes fit or the way you feel as an adequate indication, I disagree. Your weight is a number you can measure. So, weigh yourself today and everyday, and adjust your intake and activity levels accordingly.

So, now that you’re committed to making this a barre-healthy holiday season, how do you get the best results? It’s no secret. Those clients who see the most remarkable results with the Barre Motion workout attend class 3-5 times per week.

You may be asking yourself if 3-5 barre classes per week get boring. The answer is an emphatic no! We have four class formats: Signature Motion (1-hour signature barre), Advanced Motion (1-hour advanced barre), Cardio Motion Express (45-min barre with a strong cardio focus), and Yoga Motion (1-hour yoga/barre fusion), so there is more than enough variety over the course of a week to keep things interesting.

The schedule of classes, shown by day/time/format can be found here:

We look forward to seeing you in the studio frequently this season, pulsing and sculpting your way to a leaner, stronger, more flexible you.

Together with the entire Barre Motion team, I wish you happiness beyond compare this season.

22 December 2015
Miami Beach