Every Barre Motion exercise begins with proper spinal alignment and placement in order to achieve a majestic and lifted posture. All other movements originate from this foundation, including Second Position Plié in Relevé, pictured here. This is a signature Barre Motion move that lengthens and strengthens the inner and outer thighs. This position can either be held in isometric stillness, as pictured here, or while in position, you can pulse the body up an inch and down an inch, while remaining on relevé. The arms can remain on the waist, as shown, or both can be extended to second position. This movement can be performed while standing on profile to the barre, with one hand using the barre for support.

Barre Motion Second Position Plié in Relevé

The Barre Motion Forearm Plank is an amped up version of the traditional pose – it tones all of the core muscles of the body, including the abdomen, chest, and low back, while also building stamina and endurance. In Forearm Plank, as pictured here, we focus on the anatomy of one’s torso while coordinating the actions of the muscles that make up the core. The goal is to develop innate awareness of the engagement of core musculature in order to have more control, while moving as safely as possible.

Forearm Plank

Demi Plié is often used in Barre Motion thigh exertion segments. In this position, there is a moderate bend to the knees, over the toes. The spine is in a neutral position, and the shoulders are aligned over the hips, which align over the ankles. The shoulders are pressed firmly down and back, so the chest is lifted. The arms can be placed on the waist, as pictured here, or in a variety of other positions. Demi Plié strengthens and elongates the inner and outer thighs, while developing tremendous core strength. This position achieves amazing results whether it is practiced in isometric stillness, or when it is performed while engaging in small up and down movements.

Demi Plié


Every major exertion in Barre Motion is followed immediately by stretching. Muscles are exerted and stretched in sequences that maximize caloric burn while enabling dramatic improvements in flexibility within a short period of time. A classic Straddle Stretch, like the one pictured here, stretches the inner thighs and is particularly effective after performing movements that involve exerting the inner thighs, such as Second Position Plié in Relevé, as well as Demi Plié.

Barre Motion Strtech