Barre Motion on YouTube!

From the moment I opened the studio last June, I have been repeatedly and enthusiastically asked when we are going to unveil the Barre Motion YouTube channel, providing how-to videos of Barre Motion movements and pose set-ups. Well, that day has arrived! The Barre Motion YouTube channel has officially launched with its first five videos. A new video will be released every week going forward. You can find us on YouTube at BarreMotionFitness. The first five videos are titled: • What is Barre Fitness? Barre Motion Founder Breaks Down Barre Workouts • What The Tuck? What Is The Pelvic Tuck and Why Does It Matter at The Barre? • No Barre? No Problem. How To Achieve A Great Barre Stretch Without a Barre • How To Tone Your Glutes, No Equipment Required • Stacked Calves: A Soothing Stretch For Your Glutes and Hips As we progress with development of the channel, we will be posting videos featuring not just me, but also guests and other visitors to mix things up and provide interesting ways to demonstrate poses, positions, and stretches. We envision that the channel will be useful to those … Read More

Yoga Motion – Discover A Transcending Practice That’s a Truly Unique Experience

One of the missions of Barre Talk is to give a voice to those who influence and shape the Barre Motion experience. I am proud to welcome Amy Foster-Berntsen, Barre Motion Master Instructor, as a guest to Barre Talk. I specifically asked Amy to introduce and describe Yoga Motion, one of our newest studio offerings. Amy has been instrumental in the creation of Yoga Motion, and is one of the instructors at Barre Motion who teaches it. Amy is an accomplished, certified Vinyasa yoga teacher and is an avid yogini. Her passion for teaching is reflected in her energetic and inspiring classes, which are devoted entirely to the wellness of her students. Welcome to Barre Talk, Amy! -Julie Yoga Motion – Discover A Transcending Practice That’s a Truly Unique Experience I’m so proud to have created the uniquely innovative class, Yoga Motion, for the Barre Motion studio. It’s been a collaborative endeavor to develop and offer our guests something new that brings them so much value in a weekly schedule. It has already been so well-received by our guests, I thought it would be interesting to share with you some background on how and why it was created and what … Read More

Longer, Harder, Better.

As we sailed into the newness of 2015 at Barre Motion, it became apparent that things were about to get even more interesting. I was witnessing my instructors intuitively amping up the level of challenge of the Signature Motion classes for our members who had been regularly taking them. I had observed clients who were holding poses longer, working through movements more fluidly, and pushing themselves more intensely toward mastery. I knew that our studio was ready to take things to the next level. I sat down with the other Master Instructor at Barre Motion, Amy Foster Berntsen, and together, we constructed a format for an advanced class that would reflect the genius of the Signature Motion class, while introducing a whole new level of challenge. We spent considerable time in the design-test-evaluate cycle until we had something that we knew was unique, innovative, and worthy of our discerning clientele. We named the new format Advanced Motion. Advanced Motion classes challenge clients to reach beyond their current skills to achieve new levels of strength, stamina, and flexibility. Advanced Motion has been designed for experienced clients, who are prepared to handle a faster paced class, incorporating advanced movements at the barre … Read More

We Have Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who had the guts to take on the 12-12-12 Holiday Fitness Challenge! It has been so much fun watching everyone accumulate class visits to the studio since November 12th. The Challenge has been a HUGE success! We had 24 clients participate. Of those 24 participants, 11 people met the challenge with 12 or more classes between November 12th and December 12th: Onessa, Marlene, Richard, Lindsay, Gennette, Gail, Leila, Allison, Cristina, Myriam, and Arielle. To each of you who met or exceeded the goal – A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Please also take a moment to celebrate yourself. Twelve or more classes in a 30-day period translate to dramatic results you can see and feel: • You have improved overall flexibility; • Your torso is narrower and flatter; • You have discovered enhanced core strength; • Your arms are stronger with no added bulkiness; • Your legs more closely resemble the legs of your early youth – elongated, sculpted and lean; • Your seat is higher and more lifted; • You find yourself repeatedly looking in the mirror and saying: “hello, dancer’s dent!” where your seat meets your upper thigh. • You … Read More

Tonelli on Transformation

Art Basel wraps up today. It’s one of those multi-day extravaganzas that everyone buzzes about. To have been an active participant this year, hosting a noteworthy event in the Barre Motion studio during Art Basel, was a privilege beyond measure. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase Gustavo Tonelli’s photography, “The Art Behind Hostess”, a celebration of the female body with black and white portraits from the upcoming show, “Hostess Miami.” The exhibit profiles the transforming power of the lens on hostesses, waitresses and bartenders from Miami’s most notable restaurants including Macchialina, Red, The Steakhouse, The Local House, The District, Ball & Chain, Prohibition, Seasalt & Pepper, Cavalli and more. Marrying the transforming power of Barre Motion with the transforming power of Tonelli’s lens, makes for a sensational combination. The sleek, airy vibe of the studio perfectly complements the dramatic and ethereal, black and white photographs, making for a sophisticated palette of texture and light. Add to that the charm and talent of the artist himself, and you understand why the exhibit is magical. At Barre Motion we are entirely focused on transformation – of the body, mind, and spirit. Mr. Tonelli’s photographs awaken this sensation in everyone who … Read More