“I suspect the truth is that we are waiting, all of us, against insurmountable odds, for something extraordinary to happen to us.”

– Khaled Hosseini, from his book, And the Mountains Echoed


When I first encountered this phrase while reading “And the Mountains Echoed,” it resonated strongly. And my reaction was visceral. Why is it that we are all just waiting? Why are we passively waiting for something extraordinary to happen to us? The real truth, I believe, is that we should all expect to encounter the extraordinary everyday, and that we should actively create our own extraordinary, even if the creating is a hard thing to do.

The pursuit of the extraordinary requires much of us. It calls us to recognize the beauty and majesty in everything around us. It requires that we stop and make the time to actually participate in the divine, which is innate to every living thing. It calls us to enact and embrace dramatic change.

Change and I are well acquainted. Like many people, I was once a searcher, wonderer, speculator, and hoper. In retrospect, I was waiting for the extraordinary to find me. But patience is not my strong suit.

So I decided to create my own extraordinary.

I started with The Hard Questions; those about passion and empowerment were at the top of my list. What do I feel most passionate doing? Whom do I feel most passionate about? In which circumstances do I feel as though life is overflowing with everything that is good and just? In what environments, and with which people, do I feel the healthiest and most empowered?

Asking The Hard Questions was the starting point. Answering them honestly and then acting on that truth, is where the gut-twist, heart-race, sphincter-pucker came in.

Once I asked and answered my very own Hard Questions, I knew I had to embrace what was real for me and jettison what was not. I exited my house, neighborhood, community, career, and select relationships. I sold most everything I owned and for the first time in 10 years experienced motherhood without anything else competing with it. I re-committed myself to those relationships that were real and did not miss those that never were. And while all of this was happening, I created Barre Motion.

Barre Motion is a lifestyle. It is a movement. It is a call to be the very best we can be. It is about waking up our bodies and sculpting them into their best selves, while also discovering a community of like-minded people who are seeking their own truth and are driven to act on it. Barre Motion is about fostering beauty, strength, empowerment, fellowship, and grace. It is a place where everyone who walks through the doors and participates wholeheartedly, will discover his or her very own extraordinary.

May 5, 2014