What is the benefit of experiencing barre fitness in the form of private instruction instead of in a group class format?

Our Barre Cierge service brings the Barre Motion workout to you, in your home, private gym, or hotel room. Private instruction is ideal for people who wish a more private experience that is focused exclusively on the client’s goals and capabilities. The one-on-one format enables very precise corrections and adjustments that are designed to yield the most efficient body-changing workout available anywhere.

How is Barre Motion different from other barre-based classes?

Is there physical exercise equipment utilized in the Barre Motion workout?

No, there is no physical exercise equipment utilized in the workout. Instead, clients make use of their own body weight combined with highly specialized movements to achieve the remarkable, body-changing results that are the hallmark of Barre Motion.

Are Barre Motion classes choreographed?

Yes, but you do not need to have a background in dance to be able to perform the movements. The choreography of Barre Motion is clear and concise. The movements are powerful, graceful, and demonstrate rhythmic/musical precision. Clients are encouraged to move in a highly synchronized fashion so that they are able to benchmark their performance. Synchronicity of movement is a very important element of Barre Motion.

Is music played during classes?

Some clients prefer music and others don’t. The benefit of our Barre Cierge service is that the workout is delivererd in a highly customized fashion. If a client wishes to move to music, the Barre Motion workout can be performed to music that has been carefully selected and sequenced to support the choreography of the class. For example, when a student is engaged in intense, large muscular exertions that involve repeated down/up movements, the accompanying music is designed to be upbeat and motivating, enabling the student to “feel” the beat and keep moving. When a student is engaged in stretching sequences during a class, the music that accompanies the stretching is designed to evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility.

Is there a certain sequence to the exercises of Barre Motion?

The sequence of exercises is unique to Barre Motion, as is the nature of the transitions between exercises. The movements and the transitions between movements are fluid so that there isn’t a start-stop feel to the class. Barre Motion instructors are trained to set-up sequences of movements using precise, imperative statements that are easily followed, leaving room for clients to achieve a focused mindfulness as the movements are performed.

Is there much stretching in Barre Motion?

Yes. Each and every major exertion is followed immediately by stretching. Muscles are exerted and stretched in sequences that maximize caloric burn while enabling dramatic improvements in flexibility within a short period of time. For examples of the exert-stretch sequence, see Movements.