Are You Game?

November and December are months that are abundantly rich with all good things, including celebrations with friends and family. This very often translates to that sensation of having been “over-served.” Add to that mix the fact that holidays have a tendency to disrupt regular routines, leaving many of us feel like we’re on a collision course with weight gain, lethargy, and a huge dose of stress.

Together with my team at Barre Motion, I have devised a solution for you that will yield big dividends. Beginning November 12, 2014 and continuing through December 12, 2014, I am challenging you to attend 12 or more classes in the studio. On average, this is 3 classes per week, for the 4-week period.

If you attend 12 full classes between November 12th and December 12th, you will receive a free pair of barre socks. In addition, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free month of classes. You will also enjoy:

  • The camaraderie that goes along with working toward a goal alongside like-minded people;
  • The satisfaction in knowing that you have chosen to sculpt and chisel your physique during this time of overindulgence;
  • Looking absolutely fabulous at your holiday soirées.

We call this the 12-12-12 Challenge.

Game On.

Miami Beach
5 November 2014