Hire Slow, Fire Fast

I’m often asked about the process I use to certify Barre Motion instructors. The question is a powerful one, because it gets to the heart of what makes Barre Motion so impactful.

The truth is that it takes a very special person to successfully train and become certified to be a Barre Motion instructor. Some people train with us to be certified to teach in the flagship Barre Motion studio in Miami Beach. Others are trained to become Barre Motion certified and teach the method in other, select studios or locations.

When I first speak to a candidate, I look for evidence of a history of movement. In many cases, this manifests as movement in the form of dance. I have found that a background in ballet is a differentiating factor. However, movement comes in many forms, and I believe that professionals who are martial artists, equestrians, cheerleaders, or Pilates-certified, for example, can also be successful Barre Motion instructors. The key thing is that the candidate knows how to move his or her body, that is, he or she has the body awareness needed to progress efficiently and effectively through Barre Motion instructor training.

Equally important is evidence that the candidate is reliable and dependable. Barre Motion is made up people who show up. Every. Single. Time. Barre Motion instructors are capable of, and committed to delivering a high-quality experience each and every time they teach, regardless of the demands of everyday life, regardless of personal struggles, regardless of the aches and pains that accompany hours of rigorous daily exercise.

Finally, I need to be able to observe an optimistic, positive, inspiring, “can-do” attitude, over time. I am a big believer in the notion that instructors have the power to add incredible energy to one’s experience at the barre. Certified Barre Motion instructors are taught to create a vibe that empowers the clients at the barre to be better, feel better, and do better than they ever thought possible. This happens only through an exchange of positive, empowering energy. It comes from a place of authenticity and reciprocity and is shared genuinely, without reserve.

I should mention that I have also embraced the recommendations of Dave Kerpen. If you haven’t read his book yet, “The Art of People,” you should. In Chapter 9 he states that it is especially important to “hire slow and fire fast.” He recommends this approach in workplace hiring scenarios as well as in personal relationships. What does Dave mean? He recommends being cautious when getting into new relationships. It’s one of the reasons why Barre Motion certification does not happen overnight. It is a structured process that occurs over time. In Barre Motion teacher training, along with the technical training provided, we have the opportunity to observe the prospective instructor interact with others, including with clients, staff, and me. I watch for warning signs that the candidate may not be a good fit. As soon as I feel in my gut that the fit is not right, I respond immediately to that feeling and take action. On the other hand, those who are a good fit know they are appreciated and hence, they feel rewarded. These instructors tend to stay with the Barre Motion brand a long time.

What this means to our clients is that the people who are ultimately certified and scheduled to teach Barre Motion classes have been through a highly selective, rigorous process; one that yields the very best teachers, citizens, and team members possible. That is why, at the time of this writing, 2,470 people have rated their Barre Motion class experience an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars, where 5 is the highest rating possible. An average rating of 4.8 out of 5 does not happen by accident. It happens through diligent, intentional, purposeful application of the core principles of Barre Motion: 1) excellence in all things; 2) extending the highest levels of service to our clients; and 3) continuous growth and improvement.

The next time you take a class taught by a certified Barre Motion instructor, spend a few moments considering the amount of effort your instructor has expended to have the privilege to stand before you in the studio, wearing that microphone. She is there because she has chosen to be, and because I have invited her to be, and because she is wholly committed to making sure that your experience doesn’t just meet, but exceeds your expectations. Every. Single. Time.

Miami Beach
15 May 2016