One of the many differentiating features of Barre Motion is its emphasis on providing a boutique fitness experience for its clients. The moment you enter the studio, this vibe is evident. Not only do we offer group classes in a setting that empowers the instructors to customize the routine to each client, we also offer private and semi-private instruction, by appointment.

Private Instruction at Barre Motion is an exclusive, customized experience involving one student and one instructor. The focus is on mastery of signature and advanced movements at the barre, under the watchful eye of an instructor who is focused only on you. Semi-private instruction involves a small number of clients, anywhere from two to five, and one instructor. This option is often chosen when two people want to share the experience of private instruction or when there is a special occasion and a group of close friends wish to experience a Barre Motion class that is designed specifically for them, while they have exclusive use of the studio.  Whether you choose private or semi-private instruction, you can expect to come away with an unparalleled sense of knowledge, achievement, and fun.

I savor the opportunity of delivering private and semi-private Barre Motion instruction. It is an opportunity to really get to know clients well; their fitness goals, mindfulness goals, and perceptions about their own limitations and capabilities. It is exceptionally rewarding to witness first-hand the transformation that accompanies the practice of Barre Motion.

I have a front-row seat at this transformation because I have the privilege of first listening to my clients describe their goals and aspirations, and then designing a Barre Motion program for each that will get them from here to there as efficiently as possible. I love to watch clients’ faces light up with delight and satisfaction as they discover a new level of flexibility or sudden mastery of a movement that has been a significant challenge. I also enjoy the excitement and sense of adventure that permeates the studio when a handful of close friends are practicing together in a semi-private setting. There is always lots of laughter to be heard and lots of verbalized “ahhhhs” expressed throughout the stretch sequences. The experience tends to reinforce friendships among the clients, which reinforces my conviction that Barre Motion is a very good thing, indeed.

I encourage you to give private or semi-private instruction a try. You will love it!!

Miami Beach
June 16, 2014