Barre Motion specializes in Private Instruction, which is an exclusive, customized experience involving one student and one instructor. Private Instruction is available in 60-minute sessions through our Barre Cierge service. We bring the workout to you, in your home, private gym, or hotel room. The focus is on mastery of signature and advanced movements at the barre, under the watchful eye of an expert instructor who is focused only on the client. The instructor and client jointly construct an agenda that emphasizes achieving the unique goals of the client, within the Barre Motion framework. This may mean prioritizing the performance of exertions involving specific components of the anatomy, or achieving even tighter tolerances on overall movement precision, or working on smoother, more rapid transitions between movements. Whatever a client’s objective, Private Instruction is tailored to meet it.
Barre Motion Private Barre Fitness Instruction



Semi-private instruction involves a small number of clients, anywhere from two to five, and one instructor. This option is often chosen when two Individuals want to share the experience of private instruction or when there is a special occasion and a group of close friends wish to experience the Baree Motion workout in a private setting. The experience tends to reinforce friendships among the clients, which reinforces our conviction that Barre Motion is a very good thing, indeed. Whether you choose private or semi-private instruction, you can expect to come away with an unparalleled sense of knowledge, achievement, and fun.




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