Advanced Motion

Longer, Harder, Better.

As we sailed into the newness of 2015 at Barre Motion, it became apparent that things were about to get even more interesting. I was witnessing my instructors intuitively amping up the level of challenge of the Signature Motion classes for our members who had been regularly taking them. I had observed clients who were holding poses longer, working through movements more fluidly, and pushing themselves more intensely toward mastery. I knew that our studio was ready to take things to the next level. I sat down with the other Master Instructor at Barre Motion, Amy Foster Berntsen, and together, we constructed a format for an advanced class that would reflect the genius of the Signature Motion class, while introducing a whole new level of challenge. We spent considerable time in the design-test-evaluate cycle until we had something that we knew was unique, innovative, and worthy of our discerning clientele. We named the new format Advanced Motion. Advanced Motion classes challenge clients to reach beyond their current skills to achieve new levels of strength, stamina, and flexibility. Advanced Motion has been designed for experienced clients, who are prepared to handle a faster paced class, incorporating advanced movements at the barre … Read More