A Beach, A Barre, and Inspired Movements

I was in Costa Rica recently delivering the keynote address at an international conference. The agenda of the conference was intellectually stimulating; there were many great minds in attendance. I enjoyed connecting and re-connecting with colleagues I had not seen in some time. I addressed the delegates during the first couple of hours of the conference, speaking about how to improve the consumer experience during the delivery of healthcare. As is often the case with business, I was traveling alone. One of my personal goals for the week was to take the time to work fitness into my schedule twice a day. I had decided that when I wasn’t attending conference events, I would enjoy the magnificent landscape by foot (I had mapped out a running course that was about 3 miles long and included beautiful stretches of beach as well as canopied trails) or I would use some fallen driftwood on the beach as a makeshift barre, moving through exertions and stretches that had become the backbone of the Barre Motion method. I alternated early mornings and early evenings with either a run or time at my driftwood “barre.” One evening while I had my leg up on the … Read More


Just as Barre Motion rounded that magical we’ve-been-open-one-full-month mark, I noticed that clients were taking me aside to voluntarily share with me the changes they are seeing in their bodies. I am hearing about everything from better posture, to more toned abs, to an enhanced sense of calm, to a more lifted and defined seat, to gaining an inch in height as a result of “standing taller.” The beauty is I’m hearing this from clients who come to Barre Motion for private instruction as well as from clients who regularly take group classes. I cannot express how gratifying it is to hear a client tell me excitedly about the changes he or she is experiencing. The truth is – I notice the visible changes in my clients’ bodies, and behaviors, everyday. It is obvious as I watch movements performed at the barre that those who have been attending regularly are transforming their bodies and their minds. The improved strength, stamina, and flexibility are remarkable. I can see it in stance, presence, and the way clothes fit. Even more remarkable are the gains I witness everyday with regard to improved mental stamina and confidence. Those who have been attending regularly, whether … Read More


I get asked about the “Pelvic Tuck” more than any other postural element in the Barre Motion technique. The Tuck serves as the basis for proper set-up for so many of the movements that are performed at Barre Motion. Furthermore, the success of every client is dependent upon proper spinal alignment and the Pelvic Tuck is a key component of achieving alignment. When I designed the Barre Motion method, I placed priority on The Tuck by beginning every class with a warm-up that has a tuck/un-tuck sequence as a significant component. I use this warm-up as an opportunity to explain why The Tuck matters and why clients should expect to develop an awareness of the position of their pelvis throughout class. I explain that, when done properly, The Tuck lengthens your spine and engages your abdominal, gluteal, and core musculature. I also mention that when I began doing barre fitness years ago, I had no idea what the instructors were talking about when they asked me to “tuck your seat” periodically in class. I sort of pieced together the meaning, researched it on my own, and practiced it until I could do it to my own … Read More


One of the many differentiating features of Barre Motion is its emphasis on providing a boutique fitness experience for its clients. The moment you enter the studio, this vibe is evident. Not only do we offer group classes in a setting that empowers the instructors to customize the routine to each client, we also offer private and semi-private instruction, by appointment. Private Instruction at Barre Motion is an exclusive, customized experience involving one student and one instructor. The focus is on mastery of signature and advanced movements at the barre, under the watchful eye of an instructor who is focused only on you. Semi-private instruction involves a small number of clients, anywhere from two to five, and one instructor. This option is often chosen when two people want to share the experience of private instruction or when there is a special occasion and a group of close friends wish to experience a Barre Motion class that is designed specifically for them, while they have exclusive use of the studio.  Whether you choose private or semi-private instruction, you can expect to come away with an unparalleled sense of knowledge, achievement, and fun. I savor the opportunity of delivering private and semi-private … Read More


The most beautiful studio you have ever seen? Check. The most articulate, intelligent instructors you have ever encountered? Check. Music that makes you want to seriously move your body? Check. The coolest barre fitness gear you’ve ever seen in one place? Check. Free classes? Check. Barre Motion is open June 2nd!!!!! VIEW OUR SCHEDULE AND SIGN UP TODAY Julie Miami May 26, 2014 … Read More



One of the life-lessons I recently introduced to my 9-year old son, Nico, is the premise of mastery. He and I are exploring mastery in the context of weekly spelling tests, poem recitals, book reports, and the game of lacrosse. One of the challenges about embracing mastery today is that it is contraindicated by a society that demands instant gratification, and instant results. We are told to expect to be instantly successful; that we will experience immediate and complete results. We are sold on the Right Now. I try to explain to my son that there is as much joy in the journey of mastery as there is at its endpoint. This is a lesson that can take a lifetime to understand and accept, and the understanding and acceptance only come with experiencing the journey for oneself. As one masters something, one acquires expertise. Malcolm Gladwell magnificently addressed the acquisition of expertise in his book “Outliers.” Mr. Gladwell tells us: “In fact, researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success Ten thousand hours translates to nearly 5 years of … Read More


Part of the excitement of building the Barre Motion studio on South Beach has been making decisions about every little detail of the space so that it is unique, interesting, and compels people to come and spend time there, everyday. Each and every element reflects the essence of the Barre Motion brand. This conscientiousness extends to everything from the choice of the paint on the walls, to the choice of products that are sold in the studio. Everything available in the studio is something that I have tried and love. Everything. You see, I am a self-proclaimed body product junkie. I figure once you’ve worked your way through those challenging, but oh-so-rewarding, exert-stretch sequences in Barre Motion class, you should reward yourself by applying the best of everything to your skin. Take, for example, the Isola body care line. Started in Montego Bay, Jamaica, everything is made with natural ingredients, using local Jamaican secrets to create the products. Before I decided to carry the line, I requested samples of the products from the person who created them. I had heard so many good things about the body scrubs, lotions, and lip balms, I just had to take them … Read More


“I suspect the truth is that we are waiting, all of us, against insurmountable odds, for something extraordinary to happen to us.” – Khaled Hosseini, from his book, And the Mountains Echoed   When I first encountered this phrase while reading “And the Mountains Echoed,” it resonated strongly. And my reaction was visceral. Why is it that we are all just waiting? Why are we passively waiting for something extraordinary to happen to us? The real truth, I believe, is that we should all expect to encounter the extraordinary everyday, and that we should actively create our own extraordinary, even if the creating is a hard thing to do. The pursuit of the extraordinary requires much of us. It calls us to recognize the beauty and majesty in everything around us. It requires that we stop and make the time to actually participate in the divine, which is innate to every living thing. It calls us to enact and embrace dramatic change. Change and I are well acquainted. Like many people, I was once a searcher, wonderer, speculator, and hoper. In retrospect, I was waiting for the extraordinary to find me. But patience is not my strong suit. Read More