Hire Slow, Fire Fast

I’m often asked about the process I use to certify Barre Motion instructors. The question is a powerful one, because it gets to the heart of what makes Barre Motion so impactful. The truth is that it takes a very special person to successfully train and become certified to be a Barre Motion instructor. Some people train with us to be certified to teach in the flagship Barre Motion studio in Miami Beach. Others are trained to become Barre Motion certified and teach the method in other, select studios or locations. When I first speak to a candidate, I look for evidence of a history of movement. In many cases, this manifests as movement in the form of dance. I have found that a background in ballet is a differentiating factor. However, movement comes in many forms, and I believe that professionals who are martial artists, equestrians, cheerleaders, or Pilates-certified, for example, can also be successful Barre Motion instructors. The key thing is that the candidate knows how to move his or her body, that is, he or she has the body awareness needed to progress efficiently and effectively through Barre Motion instructor training. Equally important is evidence … Read More

5 Tips to Keep You Barre-Ready This Season

The season between Thanksgiving and New Years is a time of plenty. We are bombarded with plentiful partying, cuisine, and libations. Many of us struggle with how to balance the celebratory spirit of the season with our intention to get and remain lean, strong, and healthy. For many of us this challenge is compounded by modifications to our typical daily routine. Throw in some travel, several days away from the office or home, and we tend to regress toward the mean, which, in this country, equates to a sedentary, over-fed, over-served version of you. We all struggle with this to some extent, so I thought I would share 5 sure-fire tips, that when followed, will keep you on-track with your barre fitness goals so the holidays don’t wreak havoc on your health. #1: Schedule It. It’s not enough to be well intentioned about making it to the barre for class. Schedule it in your calendar. I’m talking about scheduling specific classes at specific times over the course of the holiday. Simply plan to be there. #2: Go Stylin’. A barre workout is a highly visual experience. You should like what you see. So, choose your … Read More

Hand Weights Need Not Apply

You may have noticed that there are no hand weights of any kind in the Barre Motion studio. This is just one of the many unique features of the Barre Motion method that makes it the most inspiring, technically challenging barre workout available anywhere. Most barre studios you will encounter locally and nationally employ hand weights for upper body work. Unfortunately, there is a broad misconception that one must move hand weights around in order to build muscle. However, the use of hand weights, even the use of light (2–5 lb) hand weights is contradictory to the underlying premise of Barre Motion: to create lean, sculpted, elongated musculature. I have witnessed the use of hand weights in countless barre studios across the country. The use of hand weights encourages compromised posture while upper body exercises are performed. How? The hand weights encourage the tendency of letting the limbs “drop” on the lowering phase of a lift, especially once fatigue sets in. Furthermore, hand weights encourage the practice of flinging the arms and/or swinging the body, as opposed to executing slow, controlled, precise movements while the body is stable and stationary, all of which are essential for creating long, sculpted muscles. Read More


I get asked about the “Pelvic Tuck” more than any other postural element in the Barre Motion technique. The Tuck serves as the basis for proper set-up for so many of the movements that are performed at Barre Motion. Furthermore, the success of every client is dependent upon proper spinal alignment and the Pelvic Tuck is a key component of achieving alignment. When I designed the Barre Motion method, I placed priority on The Tuck by beginning every class with a warm-up that has a tuck/un-tuck sequence as a significant component. I use this warm-up as an opportunity to explain why The Tuck matters and why clients should expect to develop an awareness of the position of their pelvis throughout class. I explain that, when done properly, The Tuck lengthens your spine and engages your abdominal, gluteal, and core musculature. I also mention that when I began doing barre fitness years ago, I had no idea what the instructors were talking about when they asked me to “tuck your seat” periodically in class. I sort of pieced together the meaning, researched it on my own, and practiced it until I could do it to my own … Read More


The most beautiful studio you have ever seen? Check. The most articulate, intelligent instructors you have ever encountered? Check. Music that makes you want to seriously move your body? Check. The coolest barre fitness gear you’ve ever seen in one place? Check. Free classes? Check. Barre Motion is open June 2nd!!!!! VIEW OUR SCHEDULE AND SIGN UP TODAY Julie Miami May 26, 2014 … Read More