Barre Motion on YouTube!

From the moment I opened the studio last June, I have been repeatedly and enthusiastically asked when we are going to unveil the Barre Motion YouTube channel, providing how-to videos of Barre Motion movements and pose set-ups. Well, that day has arrived! The Barre Motion YouTube channel has officially launched with its first five videos. A new video will be released every week going forward. You can find us on YouTube at BarreMotionFitness. The first five videos are titled: • What is Barre Fitness? Barre Motion Founder Breaks Down Barre Workouts • What The Tuck? What Is The Pelvic Tuck and Why Does It Matter at The Barre? • No Barre? No Problem. How To Achieve A Great Barre Stretch Without a Barre • How To Tone Your Glutes, No Equipment Required • Stacked Calves: A Soothing Stretch For Your Glutes and Hips As we progress with development of the channel, we will be posting videos featuring not just me, but also guests and other visitors to mix things up and provide interesting ways to demonstrate poses, positions, and stretches. We envision that the channel will be useful to those … Read More