Tonelli on Transformation

Art Basel wraps up today. It’s one of those multi-day extravaganzas that everyone buzzes about. To have been an active participant this year, hosting a noteworthy event in the Barre Motion studio during Art Basel, was a privilege beyond measure.

It was an incredible opportunity to showcase Gustavo Tonelli’s photography, “The Art Behind Hostess”, a celebration of the female body with black and white portraits from the upcoming show, “Hostess Miami.” The exhibit profiles the transforming power of the lens on hostesses, waitresses and bartenders from Miami’s most notable restaurants including Macchialina, Red, The Steakhouse, The Local House, The District, Ball & Chain, Prohibition, Seasalt & Pepper, Cavalli and more.

Marrying the transforming power of Barre Motion with the transforming power of Tonelli’s lens, makes for a sensational combination. The sleek, airy vibe of the studio perfectly complements the dramatic and ethereal, black and white photographs, making for a sophisticated palette of texture and light. Add to that the charm and talent of the artist himself, and you understand why the exhibit is magical.

At Barre Motion we are entirely focused on transformation – of the body, mind, and spirit. Mr. Tonelli’s photographs awaken this sensation in everyone who views them. As he and I awaited the arrival of our guests Saturday night, I told Mr. Tonelli that Barre Motion clients had spent the latter part of the week toning and sculpting (transforming themselves) at our barre, among his photographs. I watched my clients discover new capabilities in themselves while also discovering the capabilities conveyed by the beauty of his art.

I told him it was a privilege, indeed.

Art Basel 12/7/2014

Miami Beach
7 December 2014