I’m so happy so far! I haven’t worked my body this hard in a long time!! I love it. I’ve already gotten feedback from three people I know who specifically complimented me and asked what I’ve been doing! I told them all to come to the studio asap.
A. L.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I tried barre motion for the first time but since day one I have been hooked. I am more flexible, stronger, and look and feel better. I love it so much I drive 45 min for the challenge.”


“I have been doing barre classes over the past two weeks at Barre Motion in Miami Beach. I am getting results that I have not previously obtained with other barre classes. The mind-body connection seems to be the key, as well as the personal instruction. Julie and her team make you work, but in a very effective way that no other barre class I have tried accomplishes.”


“Just when I think I couldn’t love Barre Motion anymore Julie Jacko, you hire a kick a$! instructor like Amy. Her class this morning was AMAZING!! I felt like a novice all over again. Great job this morning Amy!!”


“I love this workout and I hate working out. Julie Jacko is an artist sculpting our bodies, pushing us in the kindest way. Totally addicted!”


“I’m absolutely in love with Barre Motion. It’s the kind of exercise that I was looking for for years. It works every part of my body and I’m feeling stronger, more flexible and toned. At Barre Motion all the teachers are very professional and you get the feeling they really care about you. They make each day a wonderful experience. The studio is very clean, comfortable and beautiful. It’s a pleasure to workout there. I always look forward to going.”

- J.G.