Just as Barre Motion rounded that magical we’ve-been-open-one-full-month mark, I noticed that clients were taking me aside to voluntarily share with me the changes they are seeing in their bodies. I am hearing about everything from better posture, to more toned abs, to an enhanced sense of calm, to a more lifted and defined seat, to gaining an inch in height as a result of “standing taller.” The beauty is I’m hearing this from clients who come to Barre Motion for private instruction as well as from clients who regularly take group classes. I cannot express how gratifying it is to hear a client tell me excitedly about the changes he or she is experiencing.

The truth is – I notice the visible changes in my clients’ bodies, and behaviors, everyday. It is obvious as I watch movements performed at the barre that those who have been attending regularly are transforming their bodies and their minds. The improved strength, stamina, and flexibility are remarkable. I can see it in stance, presence, and the way clothes fit. Even more remarkable are the gains I witness everyday with regard to improved mental stamina and confidence.

Those who have been attending regularly, whether in private instruction or in class, have had 30 days to realize the transformation that occurs with routine practice of the Barre Motion method. People often ask about this – and I always respond:

In one week…
You will discover the satisfying sensation of having woken up your body. It will feel more taut and you will move with more ease.

In two weeks…
Your clothes will begin fitting differently. You will discover that you have more tone and length in your limbs and torso.

Within one month…
The results of Barre Motion will be even more dramatic. You will find that the mindfulness you achieve during class has begun to positively impact other parts of your life, bringing you greater clarity, peace, and sense of purpose. You will have gained overall flexibility. You’ll feel lighter and stronger. Your torso will have become narrower and flatter; you will discover incredible core strength. Your arms will be strong with no added bulkiness. Your legs will more closely resemble the legs of your early youth – elongated, sculpted and lean. Your seat will be high and lifted. You will discover the emergence of the highly coveted “dancer’s dent” where your seat meets your upper thigh. You will carry yourself with an elegance and lightness you have never before experienced.

Within six months…
You will have come to the realization that you cannot live without Barre Motion. It will become as necessary to your routine as sleep and food. You will not be able to imagine life without it. You will have met and made new friends who become an important part of your life. You will know you are a member of a community of like-minded people who work right alongside you at the barre to achieve their goals, which very much resemble your own.

There are very few things in life that offer a roadmap to feeling your best, looking your best, and being your best. I challenge you to join the company of those who have discovered this at Barre Motion and are well on their way to becoming their very best selves.

Miami Beach
July 7, 2014