We Have Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who had the guts to take on the 12-12-12 Holiday Fitness Challenge! It has been so much fun watching everyone accumulate class visits to the studio since November 12th. The Challenge has been a HUGE success! We had 24 clients participate. Of those 24 participants, 11 people met the challenge with 12 or more classes between November 12th and December 12th: Onessa, Marlene, Richard, Lindsay, Gennette, Gail, Leila, Allison, Cristina, Myriam, and Arielle.

To each of you who met or exceeded the goal – A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Please also take a moment to celebrate yourself. Twelve or more classes in a 30-day period translate to dramatic results you can see and feel:

• You have improved overall flexibility;
• Your torso is narrower and flatter;
• You have discovered enhanced core strength;
• Your arms are stronger with no added bulkiness;
• Your legs more closely resemble the legs of your early youth – elongated, sculpted and lean;
• Your seat is higher and more lifted;
• You find yourself repeatedly looking in the mirror and saying: “hello, dancer’s dent!” where your seat meets your upper thigh.
• You command a stronger, taller presence when you walk into a room, whether it’s a courtroom, boardroom, classroom, bar room, or wherever it is you find yourself.

I would like to recognize the top two people who absolutely knocked this challenge right out of the ballpark. These women didn’t just exceed 12 classes, they logged more classes than anyone else, to the tune of 20 and 17 classes, respectively, in the 30-day period!! I think these women deserve special recognition. Bravo, Cristina, who completed 20 classes and Bravo, Marlene, who completed 17 classes!

And the news you’ve all been waiting for: who is the lucky winner of the free month of Barre Motion classes (drum-roll, please)?


Congratulations to all our participants for being good sports and such strong supporters of our Barre Motion community.

Miami Beach
13 December 2014