I was struck by the passing of Maya Angelou this week. As poet, author, playwright, director, performer, actress, professor, producer, singer, and civil rights activist, she personified strong, powerful, and courageous. In fact, she is quoted as telling USA Today, “I have created myself.”

The power held in those four words is awe-inspiring. Yet, we all must do it. We all must, at some point in our life’s journey, decide who we want to be and who we are destined to become. And then we must go about the business of getting it done. As the journey unfolds, we are called to actively examine and re-examine our own definition of self, recognizing that creating oneself takes an incredible sense of personhood; a tremendous amount of courage. Courage is never evoked easily and yet, she tells us, it is the most important thing:

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtues consistently.”

Professor Angelou’s passing is a reminder to reach deeply within and conjure the courage needed to create oneself. The need for courage is equally important when creating a movement about which one is deeply passionate.

Barre Motion is a movement created with the virtue of courage deeply imbedded within it. Courage is a virtue that everyone on my Barre Motion team has demonstrated in abundance as we approached the grand opening of the studio today.

Thank you, Professor Angelou, for being a magnificent model of courage for the rest of us.

Miami Beach
June 2, 2014