Yoga Motion – Discover A Transcending Practice That’s a Truly Unique Experience

One of the missions of Barre Talk is to give a voice to those who influence and shape the Barre Motion experience. I am proud to welcome Amy Foster-Berntsen, Barre Motion Master Instructor, as a guest to Barre Talk. I specifically asked Amy to introduce and describe Yoga Motion, one of our newest studio offerings. Amy has been instrumental in the creation of Yoga Motion, and is one of the instructors at Barre Motion who teaches it. Amy is an accomplished, certified Vinyasa yoga teacher and is an avid yogini. Her passion for teaching is reflected in her energetic and inspiring classes, which are devoted entirely to the wellness of her students. Welcome to Barre Talk, Amy! -Julie

Yoga Motion – Discover A Transcending Practice That’s a Truly Unique Experience

I’m so proud to have created the uniquely innovative class, Yoga Motion, for the Barre Motion studio. It’s been a collaborative endeavor to develop and offer our guests something new that brings them so much value in a weekly schedule. It has already been so well-received by our guests, I thought it would be interesting to share with you some background on how and why it was created and what you can expect when you take this hybrid style class.

One of the reasons we decided to offer this class to Barre Motion guests is because several members were inquiring about where they could take a good yoga class in South Beach that would provide not only the movement and teachings of yoga, but also the core, glute, and upper body toning of a barre class. We took this question to heart and thought why not offer yoga at Barre Motion, but make it a unique, fusion experience? After Julie and I discussed it at length, we both agreed that it was time to create another class format that would work in conjunction with the pre-existing barre classes. I already had the perfect class in mind and began customizing a yoga/barre fusion class for Barre Motion!

The hybrid format is rooted in power-based Vinyasa yoga, fused with the core principles of established barre techniques. Vinyasa yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. This style is also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become dance-like. Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit and means “connection”. The techniques of barre are integrated throughout the class in the forms of pulsing, twisting, deep-muscle work, reminiscent of what you would experience at the barre.

What is it like to experience Yoga Motion in a class from start to finish? As your teacher, my goal is to challenge you to experience a transformation. I guide you through a meditative journey to center the mind and ground the body. We begin with a sun salutation flow to elevate the heart rate and increase the metabolic rate, which burns calories. As I guide you, I tap into some of my dance training for some of the movements to get the creative juices flowing. I also reach into my barre repertoire for some strength-inducing pulses to kick it up a notch in many of the yoga postures. I add my favorite glute exercises and of course include some yoga-inspired core work to build heat and activate the abdominals. Finally, tying in some beautiful restorative stretches to lengthen tight muscles and finish with a final rest in savasana.

Yoga Motion results in a sense of centeredness and mental clarity. You experience a deep mind-body-spirit connection while toning and lengthening your body using yoga and barre together at last!

I’m so proud and excited to bring this discipline to Barre Motion! I feel very strongly about the importance of this class in terms of its yogic teachings coupled with powerful barre technique and how nicely it complements our Signature & Advanced Motion barre classes.

I feel confident that when you complete this hybrid method you will feel and appreciate the marriage of both a Vinyasa yoga flow and barre class. You will breakthrough a new level of consciousness and soar to new boundaries. Your body will decompress, de-stress and unveil the true you. So make sure to grab a towel and prepare to sweat!

See you on the mat!


Miami Beach
8 March 2015